Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Lew Lewis Reformer ‎– "Save The Wail" (Stiff Records SEEZ 16) 1979 (Plus all the Singles 1976-1980)

How cool is this geezer? The lost legend of Pub Rock that is Lew Lewis. Founder member of Canvey Islands 'Southside Jugband' alongside Lee Brilleaux of Dr Feelgood. How more Proto-Punk can you get than that?
That very same Jugband spawned Eddie and the Hot Rods, who enticed Lew into its fold for the first two singles, then he formed The Reformer in 1977.
It gets better......In 1987 our Lew was given a seven-year jail sentence(Lucky seven eh?) for armed robbery, after holding up a post office with a fake pistol, stealing £5,000 and trying to escape on a shopping bike.
This guy walked the walk and Talked the talk......mental breakdown aside of course!
His weapon of choice was the Harmonica which he wielded like a chainsaw in the hands of Leatherface.
Again he was big in France, like most of the Pub Rock fraternity, but lost in his native land.
So, here's his entire recorded output (except the two tracks on the Hope and Anchor R&B album);and you may notice that his self-penned tunes tend to veer in the direction of Bars and Gambling as subject matter.......
and why not?


Do Just What You Want
Win Or Lose
High Temperature
Mr Bartender
Lucky Seven
Hometown Blues
Night Talk


Boogie On The Street
Caravan Man
1-30 2-30 3-35
The Mood I'm In 

Live 1977:

Watch Yourself
One Stop Town
Messin' With The Kid
Out For A Lark 

Live 1979:

Shake & Fingerpop
Long Grey Mare


Ian said...

That backstory: take that, you sons-of-diplomats who formed the Clash. I didn't know this name, so thanks.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah middle class Art School wankers,and ex-public school bullies.....Lew actually played harmonica on a Clash Album....London Calling I think....probably the only good thing on that shite record.

jonder said...

"Win Or Lose" was a real standout song on that "Last Stiff Compilation" album. I am enjoying your pub rock posts very much!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah. i'm enjoying it too.....about another month to go, then its back to the normal obscure spanish industrial and Dutch minimal synth....boring!

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