Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Graham Parker & The Rumour ‎– "Live In San Francisco 7/11/1976" (Bootleg)

Another Ducks Deluxe members career path was guitarist with Graham Parker, filled by Martin Belmont.
This group seemed to be on the TV all the time when i was a nipper. Couldn't stand it then, and can't stand it now.
Its that Bruce Springsteen's East Street Band vibe, where there are too many muso's all trying to play at the same time. Of course with impeccable taste, nabbing all the best bits of the sixties and chucking 'em into a big over-seasoned casserole.
Then we've got another Americanised Brit, belting out lots of 'baby's and Honeh's to great irritation on my part. very representative of the lost generation who grew up in the swinging sixties, with thinning long hair mullets, trying to resurrect the music of their yoof, Bringing it up to date by wearing skinny trousers and baseball boots to appeal to the new wave fan.
But......he's a key player in the Pub/Punk crossover scene, so I figure he's gotta be featured.
So here's a live recording from his peak, in the country he likes to mimic the accent and bloodvessel busting singing style of.Horrendous....although, he has many fans, and this Radio broadcast recording is very high quality.


01. White Honey
02. That's What They All Say
03. Fool's Gold
04. Turned Up Too Late
05. Something You're Goin' Through
06. Pour It All Out
07. Back To Schooldays
08. Hotel Chambermaid
09. Heat Treatment
10. Don't Ask Me Questions
11. Not If It Pleases Me
12. Help Me Shake It
13. Soul Shoes
14. Kansas City
15. Hold Back The Night


Ian said...

Springsteen has alway's seemed to have a big following in England, and I've always been mystified as to why. Certainly can't be a lot of relating to his wholly American cars/girls/workin' man shtick. Doesn't seem to like the earnestness would be such a draw either. You tell me.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Personally, Springsteen and that god-awful group of his make me wanna smash something. Although he seems quite a decent chap, but then again so is Brian Adams! If only they stopped making music everyone would be better off.
As for why the British middle class like Bruce so much, i don't understand; but it may have something to do with his 'American-ness'. Its the same maladie that affects americans with crud like "Downton Abbey".