Friday, 23 September 2016

Wilko Johnson And The Lew Lewis Band ‎– "Bottle Up And Go!" (Thunderbolt ‎– THBE-001) 1983

Post Blockheads, Wilko teamed up with old mucker and childhood chum of Lee Brilleaux, Lew Lewis;a former Hot Rod to boot!
Wilko's signature guitar work and Lewis's ferocious Harp mangling is Pub Rock heaven.
Limited to just one EP's worth of five star rock'n'roll petrol , its a tragedy that this combo never got the LP treatment;.....but I have managed to cobble together some extra tracks, including some live in France, where we get to hear Wilko speaking French!? Plus a couple of Feelgood originals, two of which I suspect are from the free single given away with Wilko's "Ice on the Motorway" album.
Its all worth it for "Bottle Up and Go" if you ask me?


1 Caravan Man 4:38
2 Bottle Up And Go 1:42
3 I Wanna By Your Lover 2:52
4 Looked Out My Window 3:30

Bonus Tracks:

5 Back in the Night 3:21
6 She Does It Right 2:20
7 Rollin' and Tumblin' 3:40
8 Sneakin' Suspicion 3:41
9 I Got My Mojo Working 8:21


Ian said...

Buy you a pint for the bonus tracks. Hearty thanks.

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