Monday, 12 September 2016

The Tyla Gang - "Moonproof" (Beserkley ‎– BSERK 16) 1978

Moonproof, in these confused, over-misinformed times(another way of saying Paranoid), means 'proof',or lack of, that NASA landed on the moon. An event that growing numbers of people seem to think didn't happen. In fact NASA, with the aid of Stanley Kubrik allegedly faked it SIX times; and to this day no-one involved has blabbed.....a record in the history of the human race, who notoriously cannot keep anything secret.
These days, we need proof that many musicians even existed, and one of those forgotten figures is one Sean Tyla, late of Ducks Deluxe.
Unlike NASA, I am willing to forward evidence that The Tyla Gang did indeed exist,a few years after the alleged final moon landing, by presenting the second album from 1978.....called 'Moonproof'.
Tylaproof if you will?
No surprises here.Its the same as the first album.Full of competent FM radio rockers in the tradition of Tom Petty and other American boredom inducers. If you like that kind of stuff, this is as fine an example as there is....but with a Brit singing in an american accent.
Just for the record I now reckon they(NASA not the Tyla Gang) did indeed go to the moon, having finally understood how to survive the van Allen belt; and I'm convinced that The Tyla Gang released at least two LP's (mainly because they are both on this blog! Otherwise I've only got my word for it!?


Tropical Love 3:23
Oakland Red 3:00
It's Gonna Rain 3:25
Did Your Hear It On The Radio 2:52
Rodeo 2:56
Spanish Street 3:04
No Roses 3:18
American Mother 3:16
Suicide Jockey 3:03
Flashing In The Subway 2:31

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