Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ducks Deluxe ‎– "The John Peel Sessions" (1973-75)

Yes, there was some interesting stuff between 1973 and 1975, contrary to popular opinion; but there was certainly a lack of dirty Rock'n'Roll. A veritable Dark Age in the R'n'R era. In a world populated by Cock Rock, Prog , and Singer-Songwriters; all us kids had was Glam and a few pub rock groups to garner a modicum of excitement from. 
Here we have one of the better groups from that dismal period, captured out of their natural environment in the sterile and acoustically dry atmosphere of the BBC's Maida Vale studios for the John Peel Show. Sandwiched between the Led Zeppelin, Hatfield and the North, and Loudon Wainwright III records. The Ducks were replaced in the schedule the following year after their last session by The Ramones, and the rest is now history.As for modern popular music, we are now in a new dark age.

JOHN PEEL SESSION, recorded 12.6.73
[1] Fireball
[2] Coast To Coast
[3] Pensecola Blues
[4] Bring Back My Packard Car
JOHN PEEL SESSION, recorded 23.4.74
[5] Fireball
[6] Dancing Beat
[7] The Cannons Of The Boogie Night
[8] It's All Over Now
JOHN PEEL SESSION, recorded 20.3.75
[9] Paris 9
[10] Jumping In The Fire
[11] Amsterdam Dog
[12] Something's Going On

DOWNLOAD some ducks from the dark ages of rock'n'roll HERE!

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