Monday, 19 September 2016

Snakefinger ‎– "The Spot" (Ralph Records 7" ‎– RR7805) 1978

Snakefinger's solo debut single, attractively pressed in Blue vinyl, is his best and most commercial tune. Should have fit right in with the Post-punk flood very nicely,especially in his native UK. Anything in coloured vinyl nailed to the wall of yer local pop emporium got bought pronto, so one imagines that this shifted a few units.
'Meet The Residents' favourite "Smelly Tongues" gets a Lithman overhaul on side B to further add to this 7 incher's cred.

DOWNLOAD on the spot HERE!


Ian said...

Hey kids, there's a free download of Mr. Finger live in Melbourne '81 right about here:

Jonny Zchivago said...

velly interlesting.

Unknown said...

Sorry guys, I only have 2 Live In Melbourne songs to download for free because I don't have permission to give away any of the songs co-written with The Residents. A full album download code came with the vinyl. It's sold out right now but I'll probably do a very limited, slightly different reissue after I get a few other titles out. Art work by Molly Harvey, liner notes by Miss Peggy Honeydew, Brian Poole (Renaldo & The Loaf), and Jello Biafra. Keep an eye on the Secret Records facebook page or the new (still in the works) website for more Ralph related releases coming soon. - Vincent Presley (Secret Records / Those Poor Bastards / Zebras)

pinkie said...

Marvellous! Thanks very much Jonny, Ian and Vincent. Wasn't aware of the bandcamp presence :)