Friday, 2 September 2016

Ducks Deluxe ‎– "Taxi To The Terminal Zone" (RCA ‎– SF8402) 1975

I'm a big fan of second albums. You know, the ones the critics,or the band, hate and consequently most fans hate 'em too. The classic follow ups by The Adverts,Television,Pink Floyd and The Damned stand out in my mind. I think this final Ducks Deluxe album fits nicely in that category. Obviously lacking the killer tunes,but has an understated and detached quality about it that only a group in the throes of disintegration can capture. There's a raw exuberant sadness that gives the music a special magic that the listener can only understand after leaving it unplayed for a couple of decades. It all makes sense now.


A1 Cherry Pie
A2 It Don't Matter Tonite
A3 I'm Crying
A4 Love's Melody
A5 Teenage Head
B1 Rio Grande
B2 My My Music
B3 Rainy Night In Kilburn
B4 Woman Of The Man
B5 Paris 9

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