Sunday, 11 September 2016

Tyla Gang ‎– "Yachtless" (Beserkley ‎– BSERK-11) 1977

In this modern era of the growing underclass,where the rich are out of sight of the super rich elite. The Haves, and the Have Yachts. 
To be Yachtless means you are excluded from the exclusive club of the 1% who own 99% of global wealth. One can't help but feel sorry for those struggling millionaires who can only dream of owning their own private jet....the Jetless.
Of course as the class divide widens, post 'credit crunch', and the underclass are paid less, forced into zero-hour contracts, and to be 'self-employed' as a way around workers rights. These second tier millionaires are almost certain to get their private Jet, and upgrade their sad little 50ft yacht to something nearer the €340 million container ship size boat that Roman Abramovich spent his stolen cash on. Not unlike the 'yacht' as featured on the cover of ean Tyla's post Ducks Deluxe group, The Tyla Gang's, debut album, "Yachtless".
Tyla's new band played a bunch of faultlessly played hard mid tempo rockers, not unlike a UK version of The Heartbreakers(both Johnny T's and Tommy P's), but without the style. This could easily have been by an american group(yuk), and i'm not surprised they got signed up by an American label. Very FM friendly. indeed.


Hurricane 3:15
Dust On The Needle 4:35
On The Street 2:59
New York Sun 3:12
Speedball Morning 3:01
Don't Shift A Gear 3:00
Lost Angels 3:43
The Young Lords 3:20
Whizz Kids 3:31
Don't Turn Your Radio On 3:44


Ian said...

Fitting indeed that Tyla Gang was signed to Beserkley, home to the mild mannered Greg Kihn and Earthquake. Competent yawners in abundance.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Luckily I have never knowingly heard either Greg Kihn or earthquake. And probably never will.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so many great records in here!! I'll have to visit more often!!
I had most of Tyla Gang records, LPs format, in the late 70's. I remember...... Playing "Don't Shift A Gear", anxious Summer, with a guy, hardly a happening guy, in 1978. I could stalk to that baby, but... But... If only... Just the Jarmusic CDs and goodbye. What a joy this would be. We also sang the cross. Etc etc, you know it all!!
Serge Zéni

Anonymous said...

What an Huge collection of old 70's Rock.... YOUR THE BEST !!! Everything is Good !!! .... They all bring good memories above To Me.... I Was 11-12 back in 1977 and my brother had THE STRANGLERS Fanclub In Holland... He had a lot of your posts on Vinyl... Im Hardcore Punk and Punk Hardmod now but i never forget my Roots!!! Thanx for all your Music!!! YOUR THE BEST !!!