Monday, 26 September 2016

Dr. Feelgood ‎– "BBC Sessions 1973-1978" (Grand Records) ‎– GRAND CD24 2001

One may criticise that venerable socialist institution that is the BBC for its propaganda spreading mind control aspects, but there's no denying its role in spreading uncommercial music to the masses.
The Beeb was often the first place to record most every major artist in the western world, and often beyond.
When no record label or recording studio would touch Dr Feelgood, the BBC had them in the Maida Vale studio's to record 'em for a session for 'Whispering' Bob Harris's show......the very same Bob Harris who labeled the New York Dolls as 'Mock Rock' on national TV in the same year that the Feelgoods recorded their first session. I wonder what this whispering hippie had to say about these venerable kings of Pub Rock?
The first session from october 1973 seemed a bit pedestrian by later recorded standards for Wilko and the boys.Maybe they were overawed by the studio environment, or the producer was clueless on how to record real rock'n' was 1973 i suppose; there was no Rock'n'Roll, except some glam and the Stooges.
Things speed up for the second session a year later, again for Harris, where we find a decent version of "All Through The City" at least.
Its the Peel session in '75 where we get prime Feelgood, with great versions of "I Don't Mind" and "Keep It Out Of Sight", classics, the both of 'em.
Sadly Wilko departs the fold before the 1977 session and beyond, to be replaced by Gypie Mayo. A great guitarist but, lacking the presence of Wilko, especially on stage. But the '77 peel session is a goody, as is the '78 session.The punk influence is prevalent throughout the post Johnson sessions, which is interesting, as they were a major influence on the 'punks'.
However, this disc tracks the path that led to the rebirth of a new wave of Rock'n'Roll, a lesson that needs to be relearned, badly, today.........or not for that matter. At least the kids should take a lesson in sartorial elegance from this fantastic group.......who are still going, as requested by the last will and testament of Lee Brilleaux......without any original members. A concept I've always enjoyed. The Prospect of a 22nd century Dr. Feelgood still playing "She Does It Right" with members who haven't even been born yet fills me Joy!?

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Ian said...

Should I decide to check out tracks 14-21, it'll be my first time ever hearing the Feelgoods with Gypy Mayo. I just never had the heart to listen to any of it. Not sure I will now, even. Might just delete the tracks and be done with it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nah! Don't bother....there's few good Mayo tracks ,but, it all lost that magic. Delete.