Friday, 6 March 2020

Ken Nordine ‎– "Stare With Your Ears" (Snail Records ‎– SR 1001) 1979

Whoops-a-daisy....Ken tries to sing on a couple of these tracks. No Ken!
Thankfully, he sticks to his tried and trusted method of talking over some music, this time provided by Pat Ferreri replacing the cool cartoon beatnik jazz of his fifties work with woodstock hangover country and western, including contributions from the great man himself.
There's some nifty usage of a Vocoder,but the backing tracks are mostly country-tinged versions of a no-budget hippie cash-in movie soundtrack from ten years earlier."Cheesey Rider".
Well,I'd go and see it!?
The cover art is also designed to appeal to upwardly mobile American hippies who were still lurking like a cœlacanthe in the deep dark oceans of the Punk Rock those post-cambrian fish,they were thought extinct,but now we know where to find them ,often aserting that music died soon after the release of the Notorious Byrd Brothers album, with the exception of the first half dozen Neil Young solo albums, the ones without Crazy Horse that is.


A1 Island 1:33
A2 Angel's Lament 4:08
A3 Alphabet 2:58
A4 Cracks In The Ceiling 4:33
A5 Mister Blister 2:13
A6 Fadeaway Stranger 2:47
A7 Once Upon A You Know What 2:22
B1 Don't You Wish 2:42
B2 Seven Ways Of The Meek 5:20
B3 Ballad Of The Final Page 4:02
B4 Inchoate Blues 7:18
B5 Smelts 0:33
B6 Scratch 2:46

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