Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Genesis P-Orridge / Stan Bingo ‎– "What's History" (Nekrophile Rekords ‎– NRC 02) 1983

A Genesis P-Orridge Rip......from a cassette he made in his bedroom with one Stan Bingo back in 1982.
Who's Stan Bingo you may well be asking? Well, think of what roadies are in trad rock circles, and you could well say that Stan was one of them.Sorting out stuff for Throbbing Gristle,and engineered the 'Heathern earth' album.
That's him on the left.

Here he gets to work with his boss,Genesis P-Orridge, who recently departed this mortal coil for a reunion with coil in the purgatory,Hell,or Heaven he never beleived in...whichever one, is purely a subjective opinion;but my money's on none of the above,just simple, classic, oblivion at 10 to one on (1/10). So this Rip is basically a call to Rest In Peace for poor Neil.

When the Bible of Industrial Music was written, the bad book,like the good book, opens with Genesis.
All who came before Throbbing Gristle were not Industrial music,but merely a pre-curser to one of the musics that would be truly International like's that word again....Pandemic!An industrial group could come from anywhere on the planet and you would never be able to tell their origin.A real Global music,or non-music,whatever your opinion?
Even Cabaret Voltaire slip into second place in the league table of the inventors of this most inclusive of musics.No need for three chords,Industrial music only requires zero chords and anyone with absolutely zero musical ability can make an Industrial record in an afternoon.Sometimes merely by placing a microphone out of the window and recording the ambient noise of the street outside. Yes,even you can make a record;just buy an echo box,a tape recorder,a cheap synth and a distortion pedale and you're ready to go.Read up a bit on Nazi's,record some stuff off the TV,and we're off.
Of course there are always some smart arses who would say unrelated,and german, groups such as Kluster invented Industrial music, just as they like to say The Stooges were punk before Punk,which is crap 'cus punk didn't exist then;it was something else,it was Punk Rock when it was called Punk Rock,and Industrial music wasn't Industrial until Monte Cazazza called it Industrial in relation to the music TG were making,and nicked it for their record label.
They were also early and prolfic exponents of the art of the DIY cassette,and remained totally independant until they split up,and got involved with Stevo,who ruined it all with the  money he prised out of the record business's clenched fist.
P-Orridge would go on to make worse and worse albums for the rest of his recording life,and began to resemble a little old lady with a trout pout plastic surgery disaster.
But the reason i am typing this,although i've grown tired of all these disingenuous,or disingenesis, glowing obituaries;is to write a disingenuous glowing obituary for Genesis P-Orridge, who died three days ago......and the fact that someone wanted ,nay,demanded to know why i hadn't written a disingenuous glowing review of Gen's colourfull life;which was full of creative significance and influence.He really was one of thee recommended blueprints on how to do it.
RIP Genesis


A What's History (Part 1)
B What's History (Part 2)


Anonymous said...

Thank you - we concur RIP GPO

Anonymous said...

Founder of the COUM Transmissions artistic collective and lead vocalist of seminal industrial band Throbbing Gristle...Snowy

Anonymous said...

...have not listening to this tape by mr. pooridge without tits for ages - so - thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello J.Z,
Well-written non-b/s assessment. Probably the only one around.
I used to love TG when I was young, due to what I conceived/perceived as the non-conformity/contrarianism of it all. Their flair for sloganeering also appealed to know..."Rock is for arse-lickers" etc. Anyway, I didn't like PTV or anything he/whatever did later, but never mind. Lean mean Gen back in the TG days was great, tattooed Gen with PTV, err nah! Silly chick w/ a d**k Gen, load of rubbish.
Thanks for all the great music you make available to all of us shoddy and poor,
Sensible Fosters Lagerstrom.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah Fosters, i can't stand these brown-nosing obituaries,made by persons who said nothing while they were alive.Usually making out the deceased person is some kind of genius.

Shug Hanlan said...

Sorry, never liked Genesis (even with Gabriel not Collins) or P-Orridge (even with sugar not salt)

Lawrence Burton said...

Don't suppose you have any tapes of that band he definitely and genuinely formed with Ian Curtis?

Jonny Zchivago said...

No Lawrence,and I think you know that. Could make a fake tape,i do a fine Ian Curtis baratone,and just make some minimal droney backing and pass it off as genuine.....probably more genuine than this fictional band you are passing off as something that happened......maybe over the phone,but unrecorded anyways.
Any idea what it could have been called?

Spacious Specious said...

I'd say that Genesis' greatest accomplishment as a person was to go around on tour and insult and demean whoever ended up being a local opening band for PTV. Those stories are humorous.

If Cosey's book is to be believed, Genesis generally behaved like one of those trust-fund boors that owns a warehouse art space and are therefore a mover and shaker in the "scene." Don't criticize the art, the owner might have made it. You don't want to lose your slot in the art space now, do you?

This is not to diminish the glorious shock value of classic TG. It surprises me that young folks are still being frightened by "Hamburger Lady" to this very day.

Gorehound said...

Throbbing Joy or Psychic Division or Temple of Joy.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@Spacious Spacious ...We hate you little Girls is still disturbing one might say?...apart from that,a comment written in true Die Or DIY? style.I concur.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@Unknowm...I like the feel of Throbbing Joy.
Hows about Joy TV?

Philip Johnson said...

“E-Coli” might be the more disturbing TG track right now.

Unknown said...
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