Monday, 2 March 2020

Clark Coolidge ‎– "Polaroid" (S Press ‎– Nr. 57) 1979

Clark Coolidge was on a Girono Poetry Systems album too, wasn't he?
Here he is reading his novel length poem "Polaroid, which you can read yourself HERE if you shouold be so inclined?
Its read in a low key conversational style and manages to be confusing while seeming to make complete sense at the same time.
Professor Stanley Unwin made a career out of doing this,yet he was never called a 'Poet'.
It reminds us how short a distance we have to travel to turn order into subtle chaos. What is he going on about????
Its a kind of poetic dyslexia,the kind that a man's mind is very good at when he's being spoken at by a woman,or a teacher as a child. I have often been at the business end of a ladies mouth for hours, and i couldn't relay a single word that was said to me during this pointless tirade.I looked attentive,nodding and smiling at the right places,interjecting with the odd 'uh-hmm', but my mind had left my body in autopilot, thinking about football, or my top ten favourite albums.....of allll time.The same form of Dyslexia takes over my mind whenever the subject of the conversation turns to things like, Cars, motor Bikes, video games, celebrity gossip, fashion,Reggae,Soul Music, Hip Hop,and mathematics. The slightest suggestion of Cosmology,punk rock,religious cults,childrens television,or control systems, and i'm all yours.....(Shit I forgot to list Nazi's!)

DOWNLOAD some polaroid instant dyslexic poetry HERE!

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