Saturday, 14 March 2020

Charlie Mingus and langston Hughes ‎– "The Weary Blues With Langston Hughes" (MGM Records ‎– E3697) 1958

Ouch! My Brane 'urts.....we're drifting very dangerously near the jagged rocks of Hip Hop and its regretable birth. 
Kool Kats rapping over a cool bebop soundtrack,talking not singing,was,without doubt the begining of the most monotonous music ever to fuck you up the arse and describe the act as they're doing it to you......all in simplistic rhyming couplets to rub your face in it.
"Did I die and go to hell(?)", you scream.There's no need to go anywhere when the mountain can come to mohammed.Satan brings Hell to your own doorstep,with free home delivery. Like Pollution, it gets everywhere,ain't going nowhere,and lowers your IQ.


1.Hey (Night) / Too Blue / Ballad of the Fortune Teller
2.Commercial Theater 

3.The Weary Blues
4.Blues at dawn
5.Six Bit Blues
6.Morning After
7.Could Be / Bad Luck Card / Bad Man is fine
9.hey Hey Morn
11.Consider Me
12.Warning: Augmented
13.Motto / Dead in There
14.Final Curve
15.Boogie: 1 a.m.
18.Tell Me
19.Good Morning / Harlem
20.Same in Blues / Comment on Curb
21.Democracy / Island / extract from Warning: Augmented / Jump Monk


Anonymous John said...

Say is this "The Weary Blues Of Langston Hughes" or is this the Lp version of "Harlem In Vogue - The Poetry & Jazz Of Langston Hughes"? I believe it's the latter. Thanks for the gone shares lately! -Anonymous John

Jonny Zchivago said...

you's right,and a kool kat if you eyeballed that. Thats a CD, and i also eyeballed that most of Weary Blues was on that,not having the LP. So i bundled it all together to keep its significance in the story alive baby. Its totally cool that you straightened me,and I swear on the soul of Bird that I will not do it again!

Anonymous said...

Anything Mingus has to be worth something. And Mr. Hughes wrote some fine verse. So what's not to love?