Thursday, 26 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald ‎– "Room Service" (Beat Bedsit ‎– BASE03) 1996

For some reason, the beyond great Patrik Fitzgerald was always referred to as a..."Punk Poet",by the media!? But,although his lyrics stand up on their own as some kind of depressing street poetry,he has more in common with Folky singer song writers and protest singers than any poet.A Punk Woody Guthrie.
No-one has the knack to reveal the bleak horrors of life through its mundanities like parenthood,paying bills, and the general banality of, I bet you can't wait to listen to this?
Indeed, his lyrics certainly have a rather pessimistic bent,but sometimes,in fact all the time, realism is often mistaken for pessimism.
Unlike his Punk cohorts, Patrik didn't think that getting a job,'a future' was the answer to all our woes,the very opposite in fact.He could make even the most exciting career sound like the highway to the most uninspiring hell AC/DC never squarked about.
Welcome to a world of routine relationships, unhappy childhoods, debt slavery, petty theft, mindless violence, unwanted children,the disappointment of love, tedious careers, and many many more mundane horrors of just, being here.
This rare mid-nineties cd-r, captures Patrik in his natural habitat,in a bedroom,alone,with his acoustic guitar,recording his bleak songs for a minuscule audience of dedicated fans.
As it used to say on those adverts for 100 Country Rock Classics......'Not available in shops'.

DOWNLOAD to feel down HERE!

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Scotch Stu said...

It's available in my dad's loft as I knew Paul from Anal Beard who ran Beat Bedsit. Even allowed me to doss at his for a couple of nights. An absolute gentleman. Hope he's well if he spots this.