Wednesday 4 March 2020

Son Of ZOG - "Son Of ZOG" (Year Zero Records YEAR 044) 2019

Resting briefly from more Ken Nordine, on the subject of "Son Of...." projects, your non-award winning esoteric blogger, thats right 'Moi'; has done a 'Son Of...' project himself (Note use of the third person). Ones Improv Noise rock group, called "ZOG", has a jazzier offshoot, guessed it, "Son Of ZOG". Its got a sax player in it ,so we can't escape the Jazz label being slapped on it.
Some cheeky bastards reckon its better than the group that fathered it,ie ZOG, father of the Son and the holy grossed.
Its on the esteemed Year Zero Records for free download, as always....but now you can get it here, in another shameless act of self-promotion and agrandisement.
Hopefully there will be the appearence of actual physical ZOG product later in the year,on vinyl, courtesy of Siltbreeze records....but will believe it when we see it.
Deconstructive Constructive criticism welcome....just don't make me angry thats all!!!


Christophe Medina- Drums
Phil Allison - Sax
Jonny Zchivago - Bass
Nadine Aleman - Electronics


1.Pain Patisserie
2.Horses In Love
3.Mechagodzilla vrs Son of ZOG
4.Do The Fukashima Slide
5.Spunk Bucket Hostage
6.Silent Music
7.Jonny 3:16
8.Toga Party Refugees
9.VooDoo is DooDoo
10.Love Supremacists

DOWNLOAD and meet the son of zog HERE!


Salem Tunes said...

I fall into the 'cheeky bastards' category... I really enjoyed (if that's the right word) son of zog… Johnny 3:16 being my favourite.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Why you cheeky bastard Andy!...but am pleased that you enjoyed it.

kevinesse said...

huzzah says I!

Chris Sessions said...

Yes!!! Thank you!

rev.b said...

More bass guitar!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to have a chance to hear your music, Jonny. Huge thanks.


DanHall said...

Zon of Sog.