Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Last Poets ‎– "The Last Poets" (Douglas ‎– Douglas 3)

If you wanted to scream 'Oh Shut The Fuck Up' to Gil Scott-Heron,then you'll bust a bloodvessel after thirty seconds of The Last Poets.At least there was only one Gil Scott-Heron in his band,here we've got three,all barking at once,and some terrible afro-centric Conga bashing to further agitate your inner ear. What a confusingly annoying racket. All the Poets seem to talk at the same time, relentlessly slagging off 'People of Colour' (yeah I know!),for not wanting a bloody revolution.There's also the  liberal,and very tiresome use of the 'N' word that I cannot use because I'm a honky;but absolutly NOT in any way a proud Honky,not even proud of being human in fact.
They do grugingly admit that they love their fellow 'N#@*$%S',because ,and i quote " N#@*$%S are me!" 
Fucking gets on me titz does this album,but you gotta hand it to 'em, they sowed the evil seed of Hip-Hop, annoyed the fuck out of whitey,and once those bleeding bongo's got ditched for drum machines ten years later, slagging off your own racial grouping became listenable.
Sadly this bunch weren't the Last Poets, but the first of a very long and seemingly endless line of exceedingly bad poets. Somehow this all evolved into simplistic rhymes about how cool violence is,misogyny,homophobia and celebrating luxurious possessions to the expense of their fellow strugglers in ......oh ffs....the Ghetto. Viva Capitalism 'N#@ger!.
As for market forces, I paid thirty quid for this in the early nineties,after having a couple of their later albums,which are rather good,and vaguely funky (so don't let this album put you off!?),i decided to get the debut LP.I pretended to like it for a while to ease the pain of losing thirty notes.....but the pain was eased permanently at the end of the nineties, with the rise and rise of E-Bay.
Maybe capitalism isn't so evil after all? (er..yes it is Ed.)


1.Run, Nigger
2.On The Subway
3.Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution
4.Black Thighs
6.Wake Up, Niggers
7.New York, New York
8.Jones Comin' Down
9.When The Revolution Comes
10.Just Because
11.Black Wish
12.Two Little Boys

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Anonymous said...

I am a white pale european son of a trader. I love The Last Poets, and Last is they are going to last a long time. Thank you for so many great albums you have given.
Greetings Richard