Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Ken Nordine ‎– "Son Of Word Jazz" (Dot Records ‎– DLP 25096) 1958

As in the movie world,anything that has the prefix, "Son Of", in front of it, can not, after strict scientific observation, be as good as the original. Just the same as the suffix "2" for the follow up movie to a sucessful original. "Son Of Godzilla" isn't as good as "Godzilla" for example, and Jaws 2 is a desperate version of "Jaws"......don't even mention "Jaws 3D".
Word Jazz, has a "2", and a "Grandson of...." which aren't very good at all. The same applies to "Son Of Word Jazz". It's kind of  allllriiiight, but certainly lacking the quality of the stories /poems on the parent album;but, like "Son Of Godzilla" it has its good points. Such as the ludicrous noise that Baby Godzilla (Minilla) makes, and the bit when baby Godzilla gets a good kicking from some giant mosquitoes; "Son of Word Jazz has a poem called "I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left"
Of course,according to the Quantum physics' shadow universe theory, there's going to be some Nordine nut out there who thinks this is the best Word Jazz album. Just as your trusty scribe used to insist that "Son Of Godzilla" was the best Godzilla i'm inclined towards "Godzilla Vrs Mechagodzilla"; so maybe its possible that I could do the same with the Word Jazz family? This is all classic quantum wave behaviour,so don't be alarmed.An alternative world exists where "Jaws 3-D" is generally regarded as the best movie ever made.... any time.Which is,of course, both correct and very,very, wrong at the same time.
The paradox that is Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell", which is a truly awful insideous crime against humanity,should, under these theories, have a counterpart which is a work of musical genius.Confusingly what we got was "Bat Out Of Hell 2", which is an even worse heinous crime that could threaten even the fabric of space/time itself.The only way to stop this happening would be to put the matter, and anti-matter versions of Meat Loaf into a room so that they cancel each other out,anihilating each other out of existence.Therefore preserving the smooth function of particle physics and the balance of this observable universe for the forseeable future.


A1 The Smith Family 1:59
A2 Miss Cone 2:43
A3 Outer Space 3:37
A4 Down The Drain 3:12
A5 Secretary 3:01
A6 Bubble Gum 2:36
B1 Looking At Numbers 2:21
B2 Anytime, Anytime 2:20
B3 I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left 2:15
B4 Lemming 2:18
B5 The Bullfighter 2:50
B6 Junk Man 4:35


Anonymous said...

Nordines radio shows are my favorite! I ordered some about 20 years ago and the guy on the phone sounded like some nutty fan trying to sound like Nordine, ha, it WAS ,Nordine!

Another time I fell asleep with my cassette Walkman headphones on listening to a show and I hear a loud " hey Jim, Jimmy, James is that you! Damn my name is Jim but he was calling out james Joyce. Really made me wonder about reality until I rewound the tape.

doors97426 said...

Thanks so much for these wonderful Nordine posts the more the better

Ian said...

Hearty thanks for the Ken Nordine stuff. Will his wonderful "Colors" recording be making an appearance? "BURgeoning BURgundy..."