Saturday 14 March 2020

George Russell And His Orchestra ‎– "New York, N.Y." ( Decca ‎– DL 79216) 1959

Highly respected Hep-Cat Jazzer George Russell does his bit in the evolution of Hip Hop with an all-star orchestra; including, among many lesser lights, Max Roach on skins, and none other than 'Trane 'on his prefered axe. Ice cool smooth bebop big band jazz for hipsters only,and  Kool Kat Jon Hendricks,rapping beat talk to introduce each piece and yes, he does mention that obligatory word,the 'Bird'.
Hendricks, doesn't just give us some groovy hipster narrative, he makes it rhyme so it starts to chime, get me? A highly influential and supremly Hip platter in the annals ,or anals, of the foundations or roots of Rap.


2.Big City Blues
4.East Side Medley: A) Autumn In New York, B) How About You
5.A Helluva Town

DOWNLOAD and get instantly kool,kool in 1959 anyway pops,just click yer fingers right HERE!

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rev.b said...

Thanks 'Jonny Cool.' I don't think I've heard this one. George always appealed to me as one of those people who didn't have to work very hard to be, um, 'hip?' The harder your try, the worse it smells.