Saturday 28 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald + 3 ‎– "Tunisian Twist" (Red Flame ‎– RF 48) 1986

I guess this is Patrik's "Bluejeans and Moonbeams",when the artist, tired of making faultless work, understandably tries...and make commercially acceptable pop to maybe get paid for once.
Like the good Captain Beefheart's noble efforts to appeal to the consumer, it ended up appealing to precisely nobody. "Bluejeans" and "Unconditionally Guaranteed" were slaughtered by fans and critics alike, but i've grown to love those albums better than some of Don's  pretentious 'comeback' era albums.
When "Tunisian Twist" came out it wasn't panned by the critics and fans, it was just ignored. Punk rock wasn't even considered as something that ever existed by 1986,like it never happened, unless you were one of the uniformed herds of mohawked wilderbeast,flocking to see one of those D-Beat bands.
I think the record label thought they had a new Mat Bianco,Swing Out Sister or something, and Patrik thought so too!?
Thankfully, he couldn't restrain his instincts, so the words and their delivery are as bleak as ever.This isn't pop for a top forty radio station, its a distress call from the heart of a wasteland....a bit like a Patrik Fitzgerald concert in England 1987.
Of course, i didn't buy this at the time,and wasn't even aware that PF had made any more records since about 1980. This was the time of Ron Johnson Records for me, Bogshed, bIG fLame, Jackdaw With Crowbar etc,which was quite exciting stuff, so i wasn't gonna look for new Patrik Fitzgerald releases.He was long forgotten....and maybe now he's little bit less forgotten? I dunno?!


A1 Factory Of Wines
A2 The Finger Of Lesotho
A3 Putting Wings On Aeroplanes
A4 10.000 Years Of Weeping
B1 Pilot Of A Private Yacht
B2 Down Mexico Way
B3 Poor John
B4 Tunisian Twist

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