Monday, 30 March 2020

Patrik Fitzgerald - "Live in Bern, 18/01/2013" (Bootleg) 2013

Patrik treating a sparse Suiss,audience to a run through of some of the songs he isn't sick of yet.Plus a couple of unrecorded tune,"Captain Of The Championship Team" least I think its unrecorded,and "What Can I Do?"
Obviously he had been playing a lot of gigs on this tour to promote "Subliminal Alienation",as his voices sounds a bit hoarse,as it reverbarates in the room. The audience clearly came to listen,and submit some shy applause.
Who would want to be a solo musician,or stand up comedian? A thankless task.
I suppose that back in 1977 Fitzgerald was punks Ed and contrast the two and you get an accurate analysis of the difference between the two epochs.The vacuous emptiness of the Ed Sheeran generation's work,and the honesty of the ,for want of a better word, the 'Punk' era.
At least the only ginger hair in punk rock was via the use of a bottle of dye. 


01 Exist
02 Grey Echoes
03 One Little Soldier
04 The Serving Classes
05 Company Bus
06 All My Friends Are Dead Now
07 Smile
08 Gifts And Telegrams
09 Dance Music Late Night
10 Live Out My Stars
11 Inside Me There Is Nothing
12 Little Fishes
13 Down
14 Captain Of The Championship Team
15 What Can I Do
16 The Next Revolution

DOWNLOAD and feel the bern HERE!


Wolfgang said...

Wow, would have loved to be there. 4 songs from "Gifts & Telegrams" played with the old Casio ...

Mr. P said...

The blog post and cover say 2013, yet the file folder and file titles all say 2012. Hmmm. I can't seem to find confirmation online for that exact date.

Mr. P said...

Found confirmation for the 2013 date...