Thursday 19 March 2020

Philip Johnson ‎– "Youth In Mourning" (Namedrop Records ‎– NR3) 1982

The third of the essential Industrial 'Philip's',this one being Johnson by name but certainly not a Johnson,of the Boris kind. 
You could be forgiven in thinking that this album is called "1982" looking at the cover of this seminal(music press cliché word warning!) Industrial audio-collage from one of the leading lights in the dawn of DIY cassette culture.Having self-released over 25 cassettes,this would be PJ's only vinyl outing for 35 years.
And he was in Doof as well?


A1 Heart Trouble
A2 It Meant Something Once
A3 C81
A4 We Can't Get What We Want
B1 Capermix
B2 New Age Sewage
B3 The Karate Kicking Girl Of New Invention
B4 Youth In Mourning
B5 The Same Side

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