Thursday, 21 June 2018

Alien Brains ‎– "It's All History Now 1979-1985" (VOD 2014)

It's always handy to whip out an extra brain or two when needed,so,here's that Alien Brains box set on VOD.
Alien Brains were a sort of Avant-DIY supergroup based around Nigel Jacklin, for those who don't know or care, in which case what are you reading this for?
Its got the usual unattainable stuff thats been chopped up and edited and shuffled about with; all in a lovely presentation pack with a hefty price tag. DIY music is no longer the cheap option it seems? "Menial disorders" cost me a blank C-90 and two way postage from Deleted Records in 1980, and now you have to pay £100 quid plus for Alien Brains product.Thats Market forces I suppose?
Its got a cleaned up version of the Menial Disorders tape, but edited, and some stuff chopped out altogether.
Of course the unedited versions of "Menial Disorders" and "Alien Brains IV" are available on this blog in 320k Mp3.Quality.


Menial Disorders
There Is Going To Be A Riot Soon 0:30
Menial Disorder A1 3:51
Menial Disorder A4 10:48
Menial Disorder A8 1:17
Menial Disorder A10 4:10
Menial Disorder B3 6:24
Menial Disorder B4 1:57
Menial Disorder B5 4:58
Menial Disorder B6 1:54
Menial Disorder B7 5:34
Menial Disorder B9 2:10
Menial Disorder B11 5:23
Menial Disorder B12 1:07
Menial Disorder B13 1:09
Menial Disorder B2 3:32

Der Blaunk Teps / Aberdeen Arts Centre
Der Blaunk Teps A1 3:41
Der Blaunk Teps A3 2:54
Der Blaunk Teps A4 4:27
Der Blaunk Teps A5 10:24
Der Blaunk Teps B2 3:09
Der Blaunk Teps B4 3:05
Der Blaunk Teps A6 3:05
Der Blaunk Teps B1 4:25
Der Blaunk Teps B3 5:01
Aberdeen Arts Centre 14:00
Live Last Chance Centre / WI Hut
Live Last Chance Centre 18.11.1983 London 11:55
WI HUT- Recording (Broomhill) 13:22
USE (Unusual Social Embraces) - So Quiet 4:00

Blatantly Nihilist / British Interiors / Alien Brains IV / Ultras
Blatantly Nihilist A1 3:32
Blatantly Nihilist B1 5:07
British Interiors A1 2:00
British Interiors A2 0:51
British Interiors B4 1:10
Alien Brains IV B2 7:14
Alien Brains IV B4 2:01
Nigel Jacklin - Solo Recording Live At Ultras 4:41

School Art Room / Water Tower
School Art Room A2 7:00
School Art Room B1 4:06
School Art Room A2 9:04
School Art Room A3 3:36
Tower (Morwick) B1 4:07

Verdenskang A1 8:03
Verdenskang A2 4:17
Verdenskang A3 9:09
Verdenskang B1 2:17
Verdenskang B2 4:34
Verdenskang B3 1:37

Compilation Contributions
Extracts 3:21
Boule 3:47 (This is missing from part 6, so click here for the mp3)
Untitled 1:55
Untitled Live 4:40


Steve D said...

'...thats been chopped up and edited and shuffled about with.'
VOD: notorious for fucking up the original intent (and thereby integrity) of many of its label's artists. All in a day's work for some greedy exploiters I suppose.

Jonny Zchivago said...


Anonymous said...

Nice but "Boule" (49) from Compilation Contributions is missing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry 'bout's the link for 'Boule' :

Anonymous said...

Keen ears will note the same track appears twice oaths comp - a free blank C60 to anybody who can tell me which ones....Alien