Sunday, 17 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Mysterious Kitchens" ( Terse Tapes ‎– TRS004) 1980

Another Terse Tapes cassette compilation, this time featuring a load of impossibly obscure Australian DIY bands; the better known of which would be The Wet Taxis.
It's a mixture of classic bedroom DIY, minimal synth, and aussie Industrial.
as normal with Terse tapes, its all good.

A1 –In Church - Saving Souls
A2 –Pissy Relay Switches - Diskettes
A3 –Pissy Relay Switches - The Snack Chip
A4 –Pissy Relay Switches - Good Times
A5 –Pissy Relay Switches - Good Times Too
A6 –Holiday Funn - Each Tick
A7 –Holiday Funn - Sounds Familiar
A8 –Holiday Funn - Schplatt!
A9 –Headless Corpses - Axe Murderers
A10 –Lamington Lady - Untitled
A11 –The Nobodies - Introducing
A12 –The Nobodies - Play It Again
A13 –The Nobodies - Carry My Books
A14 –The Nobodies - Nothing Like It
A15 –The Nobodies - I Don't Care
A16 –The Nobodies - Lassie Come Home
A17 –2 Man Submarine - Machines That Walk
A18 –2 Man Submarine - Being Boiled 

B1 –Mr And Mrs No Smoking Sign - Come Home And Have Your Tea
B2 –Wet Taxis - Feel The Carat
B3 –Wet Taxis - Inflate Your Baby
B4 –Wet Taxis - Harmonix One
B5 –Wet Taxis - Joy Of Life
B6 –Wet Taxis - Dare You?
B7 –Wet Taxis - Make Cake
B8 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - Mr. Hat
B9 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - RFMOD
B10 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - In The Soup
B11 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - My Mother The Car
B12 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - Utensil
B13 –Japanese Gene Kelly - How I Lost My Drumstick But Went To The Shops And Bought Some Soap And It Was Real Exciting
B14 –Burt Blanka - Ya Ya Twist Electronics
B15 –Mindless Delta Children - All Clones Look The Same To Me


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Marc Plainguet said...

Thanks so much for this! Perhaps the better known is actually Mr. and Mrs. No Smoking Sign which became Severed Heads and is still active today.

Mrs. Inside said...

THANK YOU! Australian early 80s tape weirdness is the best!