Saturday, 23 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Growing Pains" (M Squared ‎– M2003) 1980

A strange Australian compilation of local Sydney post-punk bands from it!?


A1 –Pleasant Peasants - Pussman Polka
A2 –The Barons - Paint It Black
A3 –The Systematics - Midnight On Balancing Day
A4 –EST - Yvonne Is Out Again
B1 –Height/Dismay - Girl From Ipanema
B2 –Scattered Order - Bent Up
B3 –The Dead Travel Fast - Untitled


Anonymous said...

Systematics and The Dead Travel Fast! - more of these two please and thanks for doing what you do - from A Redneck American

Anonymous said...

Actually, the final track is called The Dead Travel Fast and the band had no name. Only later, when they recorded some more tracks, did they decide on a band name. They named themselves after this original track of theirs; hence: The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast.