Thursday, 7 June 2018

021 ‎– "All Was Nothing!" (Paisley Archive ‎– PA038) 2015

Its got Pop Art cover art, and the tunes are a diiferent kind of pop art, as in the art of pop music. Not the melodic kind, but the rudimentary kind of barely competant two chord thrash that manifested itself everywhere after 1977. Apparently, as Solihulls 021 wore Fred Perrys and Harringtons, they are now thought of as a 'Mod'group.
They also boasted the rarity of having a black singer in a very white world. Luckily, he seemed to have very little soul, or, sense of rhythm which is both, a slightly racist generalisation but also, another rarity.
This album pieces together their non-"Mell Square Music"  recorded legacy into one handy package.


1 Images
2 Whatever Happened To You
3 Heaven & Hell
4 Coming Of Age
5 Hitting Town Tonight
6 Twist N Shout (Live)
7 A Girl Like You
8 Beast Of Burden
9 Simple Minds
10 Must Be Love
11 Class Of 78
12 The Pop Song
13 Aversion
14 New Age Of Pop (Live)
15 Girls Go Out (Live)


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