Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Negative Reaction ‎– "Negative Reaction" (Terse Tapes ‎– trs012) 1980

Australia did a good line in Dark Industrial, and Negative reaction are a fine example of the lesser known part of the thriving early 80's Aussie Industrial sub-culture.
What have Australians got to moan about one may ask? Sunshine,large open spaces,high standard of
Well, for one, its a country full of loudmouthed 'Jocks',whose overcompetitiveness tends to annoy somewhat. So no wonder the pale young boys of Australia seeked solace in the dark pleasures of Industrial culture. Eternal sunshine can be a real downer also,not to mention the heat of the long antipodean summers.Overexposure to such a climatic strait-jacket can lead to a longing for the grey skies of the mother country, The UK, and the cleansing properties of rainfall.


Jubilee 3:25
Frustrate Flats 1:13
The Desert 8:04
Mass Culture 5:03
Street Paranoia 3:29
Dead 2:44
Theme 1 6:10
Vietnam 10:58

Live at I.C.E

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