Sunday, 10 June 2018

Jandek ‎– "Helsinki Saturday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0796) 2009

All hands on Jandek, its monday, so......
let's listen to our hero improvising on piano with unamed harpist (Iro Haarla), while the crowd chatter constantly throughout the whole hour.
Yet another unexpected turn in the Jandek discography.I don't think there's been any recording artist in history who has managed to dumfound everyone during the whole of a forty year career.If anything he's getting more unpredictable.
Again, this is one for your pretentious friends to chin-stoke to, or to impress the pseudo-intellectual in your life.
As outsider-garde goes,its a pretty good one to play in the bathroom with scented candles chucking out lavender enfused gas to lull you into a deep sleep as you sink below the surface of your dirty bathwater. Like most Jandek records, he's never too far away from making soundtracks for loners with suicidal tendancies, and this one is no exception;just slightly more stealthy in its effect. The fact that it has an audience, kinda makes this a type of 'reality music', like they're peripheral spectators of a suicide as entertainment.
What better place to perform such a show than one of the world capitals for suicide, Finland?

Recorded Live: Gloria Kulttuuriareena Helsinki Finland November 19, 2005.


1 Sleeping In The Dawn 1:03:32


heavyladen said...

Both this and Hasselt Saturday are top shelf Sterling; I always think of them as sister albums. His neo-classical period is a real highlight, Houston Saturday in particular. Nothing like some cozy melancholia.

icastico said...

Gets us warmed up for The Song of Morgan - 9 hours of solo piano.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed, 'The Song Of Morgan' will be appearing, when i get around to uploading it all!

icastico said...

The Song of Morgan...!CRcBXZyJ!S2ggAAdNQ0Z_Hc8sstb2gw5_dGEW2i5vKnYOWtWFl3Q