Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Shapes ‎– "Wot's For Lunch Mum? EP" (Sofa Records ‎– SEAT 1) 1979

It wasn't only Swell Maps and The Cult Figures who utilised the facilities of  WMRS studios in, rather posh, Royal Leamington Spa in the nicest bit of the west midlands countryside. To continue the stream of middle class power pop classics, we had the obscure Swell Map-a-likes, The Shapes. Churning out some innocently sexist two minute new wave classics.
Their contact phone number on the sleeve was actually a Leamington Spa number, so they were a local band.Therefore I doubt they had beans for lunch, or a Mum to cook it for them. Probably had a nanny, who served up smoked salmon and quails eggs at one O'Clock (Coq au vin is mentioned!); but that wouldn't fit snugly into the jolly prose proferred forth in the very fine opening track.
Pity there wasn't an LP? Probably had no time once they all started their Art History and Political Science courses at Oxford.


A1 Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!)
A2 College Girls
B1 (I Saw) Batman (In The Launderette)
B2 Chatterboks


Anonymous said...

Peel was a massive fan of this 7".

One of the Shapes runs (ran?) the kind of amazing TrakMarx website:

You could get lost for weeks roaming through their back issues.

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Dave said...

There is an LP or at least a retrospective comp " Songs For Sensible People"