Friday, 22 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "A Terse Sample" (Terse Tapes ‎– TRS002) 1980

I suppose this was the Austrailian 'Weird Noise ep"? An actual vinyl release from Oz's Fuck Off Records Equivalent, Terse Tapes.A thing of great beauty.
The only place outside of the UK to achieve this kind of DIY sound was, for some reason Australia? It had it all, muffled under a duvet acoustics, cheapo instruments, a noticable lack of ambition or commercial instinct,musical ability optional,and an inate desire to be experimental or stop doing it.
Every tracks a winner from these obscure antipodeans.
Maybe it was because no band or group in Oz had the slightest chance of making it in the commercial pop arena, so they might as well do whatever the fuck they wanted, rather than move to London like AC/DC and The Saints did!.A bit like Germany in 1971, which spawned 'Krautrock'. The Uk's excuse was the opposite to that. There was so much commercial pop and Rock that your poxy pop group got drowned by the shear quantity of it, if no one else was gonna do it for you, you had to do it yourself, for yourself and yer mates. Of course, like in everything else, redneck America was ten years behind everyone else, and 'invented' cassette culture just as the rest of the world were stopping.Bless 'em.


A1 –The Wet Taxis - Donny And Marie | Polio Baby | Riso Riso | Max And Peter Marmite Jar
A2 –Mindless Delta Children - Go Go Dancer P.V.C. Apron
B1 –Agent Orange - The Uncle Song
B2 –Rhoborhythmaticons - Knife And Fork


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brilliant! cheers! love the oz sub-sub-underground

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