Wednesday 15 January 2014

Alien Brains - "IV" (Unknown Label TSXS 1) 1980

Nigel Jacklin's experimental collective, that included such DIY luminaries as Bendle, Nag, Phillip Sanderson, and the odd Automaton or two. The non-music presented on Alien Brains IV ranges from excellent tape collage pieces, to improvisations that sound like Day centre Music therapy as heard from a closet, or a chimps tea party where the tea set is replaced with instruments. Certainly not pop music, if it can be called music at all; if anything its a field recording of a rehearsal room, interspersed with some excellent musique concrete, all bunged randomly onto a C90.  

Track Listing: 

Side A Parts 1-8 "Untitled"
Side B Parts 1-15 "Untitled"  

DOWNLOAD some alien brains HERE!

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