Saturday, 9 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Northampton Under Glass" (Glass Records ‎– Glass 011) 1981

Lets go south from Solihull along the M6/M1 to the sleepy east midlands town of Northampton.
A place whose major contribution to worldwide youth culture was the Dr Marten Boot.
Northampton's other dubious claims to fame are Gothic granddaddies 'Bauhaus',and to a (much)lesser extent 'The Northampton Musicians Union',who were behind this local compilation in conjunction with Glass Records....hence the title.
The music is a mixture of various Post-punk stylings, from the Siouxsie copyists , Antibodies, to the proto-indie of The Russians.
(theres a couple of bonus tracks also from the CD-r version....just like xmas eh?)

A1 –Antibodies - Mindwalking
A2 –White Rabbit - Childhood Heroes
A3 –Social Disease- Lost
A4 –The Russians - Shoplifter
B1 –Where's Lisse? Call It That
B2 –Directorix- Funk In B#
B3 –Religious Overdose - 25 Minutes
B4 –The Syndromes - Temporary Feeling

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W. said...

Thank you for this.

I liked The Syndromes - later known as The Tempest and then as This Parade.