Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Slugfuckers ‎– "Transformational Salt" (Dogfood Production System ‎– Dogmat#2) 1981

With a name like 'Slugfuckers' you certainly ain't lookin' fer chart action, and with an LP like this, you definitely ain't!
There aren't too many looser combo's than this from the land down under. Falling apart abstract punk funk played by pale white boys from the Sydney suburbs who'd heard The Pop Group.
Thankfully, unlike The Pop Group, Slugfuckers don't resort to pounding the listeners skull with endless political soapboxing.
The lyrics, delivered in a half-assed quasi-conversational style, are suitably vague and abstract enough as to compliment the collapsing syncopation of the music. This is the kind of stuff I like to relax to of an evening, protected by a ring of salt.


A1 Wail
A2 Mr. Insanity
A3 Tricked You
A4 Poem
A5 Obbligato Necroplasm
A6 Skizo Disko
B1 Corkscream
B2 Dolphins Aren't Fish
B3 Tell Me Who You Are
B4 Movie
B5 Artificial Slits
B6 Germange


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rev.b said...

"With a name like 'Slugfuckers'" was my very first reaction. Looking forward... thanks.

Anonymous said...

So Die or DIY has posted the Slugfuckers. Well done sir, well done. Now where are the Primitive Calculators?

gobloods said...

Thanks for this, I have their earlier EPs if you're interested ? Originally from Canberra I think, prob have some more info somewhere. I'll dig it out for you if you want

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers, I have the earlier ep's on a compilation somewhere.....any more info just paste it here.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Primitive calculators up next....live lp + early single.

Grego Blank said...

They were a Sydney band. Sometimes they even borrowed SPK's drum machine.

insanepainter said...

Thanks for doing this blog .Do u have any ***** ***** cough cough tapes maybe u could post somtime?

Thomas said...

Thanks – this band is great!

There's a section about them in this paper: http://chrismcauliffe.com.au/guerillas-poseurs-and-nomads-the-politics-of-the-avant-garde-in-art-and-music/