Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "The Nite The Pub Caught Fire" (Northampton Musicians Collective ‎– NMC 2) 1982

The Northampton Musicians Collective, as captured Live on numerous evenings at the belly button of Northampton's vibrant alternative music scene in 1982, the Black Lion public house.
We've got a variety of musical genres to wade through, from the Faux-Siouxsie goth of 'Antibodies', to the bog-standard 'Punk' of 'Social Disease.
'Workshop' appear to be rather excellent,with some improvised free-jazz freakout influenced type of UK DIY.
As are 'White Furry rabbits' with a DIY type of proto-Indie sound.
In all, a very high quality showcase from the town that gave the world goth poseurs,'Bauhaus'....nobody's perfect?


A1 –White Furry Rabbits - Attack
A2 –Antibodies - Blind
A3 –Directorix- Psycho Operaters
A4 –Bullets For Silver- Is He On Drugs
A5 –The Syndromes - Ward 23
A6 –Workshop - Elephant Man Blues
A7 –Where's Lisse? - Talk Takes To Long
A8 –Social Disease - Communication Breakdown
B1 –White Furry Rabbits - Life Through The Glass
B2 –Antibodies - Instrumental
B3 –Directorix- Silence
B4 –Bullets For Silver - The One After The Last One
B5 –The Syndromes - All This Waiting
B6 –Workshop - And From Heaven They Came
B7 –Where's Lisse? - Aluminium
B8 –Social Disease - Lost

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