Friday, 1 June 2018

Cult Figures ‎– "Live At The Cedar Club 1980" plus Singles" (1979-80)

Cult Figures were,fashionably ,for 1979,and without family names: Martin - bass, Jon - gtr & vocs, Jock - drms & vocs, Gary - vocs & gtr.
Although sometimes assumed to be Swell Maps under a different name, in fact Cult Figures were a separate entity. The fact that they sounded a bit like the Maps, had various Maps playing on their records, were on the same label as the Maps and often played on the same bills as the Maps (where you could actually see that they were not Swell Maps!?), probably led to the confusion - but they obviously weren't the Swell Maps!......but then again?.....Nah!

Here's their complete discography up to 1980, so make up your own mind.


"Live At The Cedar Club 1980":

1 Silent Majority
2 Clambake
3 Painting By Numbers
4 24 Hour TV
5 Reactions Nil
6 Submerged Cutlery
7 War On Fun
8 Battleship Grey
9 I Remember
10 Martin's Holiday
11 The Religion
12 Zip Nolan

"Zip Nolan 7"" (Rather Records ‎– gear four, Rough Trade ‎– RT 020) 1979:


A Zip Nolan
B1 P.W.T.
B2 Zip Dub

"In Love" (7")  (Rather Records ‎– gear eight) 1980:


I Remember 2:52
Laura Kate 2:12
Almost A Love Song 1:40


Punkcata said...


They are back performing again, see website

The members of Swell Maps also performed with the Cult Figures at times, adding maybe to the confusion. Rather Records was also set up by the Swell Maps.



Unknown said...

Cult Figures are not only performing again (next one a headline at Dublin Castle, Camden Town, London on February 15th), but recently released their debut album "the 166 Ploughs A Lonely Furrow"
...heavy vinyl limited edition available from or as a download from all the usual suspects.

Buying the vinyl album will contribute greatly towards recording and producing the next album.

Still D.I.Y. all the way!

Luv, Gary Figure