Friday, 15 June 2018

Where's Lisse? ‎– "Talk Takes Too Long" & "Tutorial EP" (Glass Records GLASS 08+014) 1981/82


A Talk Takes Too Long
B You Stole My Gun


A1 Tutorial
A2 Red Light
B1 I'll Think Of Something
B2 Call It That!

More Northamptonshire born Cold Wave, again like a poor mans' Modern English, which ain't no bad thing. Not much else to add apart from that I like it!


W. said...

I want to remind people that many of the artists associated with Glass Records and the Northampton Musicians collective are featured on the following LP's...

Rumponia: An Answer Within (which I remember being very good)


The Wonderful Word Of Glass (Volume 1) (which is still available on DIE OR DIY)

Several years later there was a "Volume 2" - which I've yet to see on a blog.

Jonny Zchivago said...

As i was gonna post Rumponia tomorrow, i may as well put it up now,as you mentioned it.......don't have vol 2 by the way!

Vaykorus said...