Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Alien Brains ‎– "Menial Disorders" (Deleted Records ‎– DEC 005) 1980

The Alien Brains were on the recently featured "Fire On Boat" compilation, so here's a C-90 of theirs that I haven't posted yet, on legendary UK cassette label Deleted records.
Its a confused lo-fi mash-up of noisy messing about with crap electronics,tapes, and whatever items Nigel Jacklin and chums could find lying around their living room.
To add further confusion,the tape opens with a segment by L. Voag, aka Jim Whelton of The Homosexuals.Followed by a live performance by an unknown group called 'The Activity Toys',butchering a sixties classic in front of a rather hostile audience.....i'm sure I heard a section of the crowd calling out for Sham 69 near the start,then the unknown singer observes;"there's gonna be a Riot soon!"?......brave boys.
The rest is by Alien Brains, a collective based around Nigel Jacklin,which included most of the luminaries of the early UK DIY cassette scene, eg Bendle, The New Blockaders, Storm Bugs etc.
Then Mark Automatons '391' project donates a tape recording of some bloke asking what makes people behave violently?...what exactly differentiates a '391' track from an Alien Brains track I dunno?
Be prepared for a classically messy and fuzzy lo-fi experience from the depths of early DIY history.

DOWNLOAD in an orderly fashion HERE!

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