Monday, 4 June 2018

Jandek ‎– "Where Do You Go From Here?" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0805) 2011

This Monday Jandek goes Outsider-Garde?!
If this was the first and only Jandek record that you had heard, you would think that Jandek was some kind of avant-garde improvised music genius.Its bordering on the very good.Pop this on the stereo when someone you want to impress comes round for canapés and cognac, you little intellectual you.A soundtrack for discussing the merits of Satre,Nietzche, and bunch of pretentious Kants you.
The illusion will only break down if one of the Poets, Architects, and performance artists, that you invited, asks what the music was? reply, uncomfortably.Luckily, these types will not be aware of our favourite Texan nutjob, and will think its some Avant-Garde composer that had by-passed their enthusiastic/desperate revision the night before.They had heard that you were one of thee foremost experts on the Avant Garde in Dalston. Desperate not to be outed as the fraud they undoubtedly are.
This is definitely NOT "Ready For The House" part 2.
I could easily imagine this at the South Bank in London, being absorbed by joyless chin-stroking pseudo intellectuals from the London art set.....otherwise know as 'Twats'.
This is the musical equivalent of that exhibition of paintings made by a chimp which garnered good reviews in those fanciful art rags that lie festooned on pretentious coffee tables all over the world.
I suggest this is majorly the work of the two mainstays of Jandek's live act;stalwarts of the Uk avant garde scene, pseudo muso's,Alex Neilson, and Richard Youngs.
Me being a Pseudo intellectual twat, with his feet firmmly under the ground, I can proudly announce I think this record is fucking brilliant!......but don't expect your normal Jandek with detuned guitar and a load of whining about all things negative here....this is a very positive and musical experience.....commence chin-stroking .......NOW!


1 Part 1 3:09
2 Part 2 3:45
3 Part 3 5:23
4 Part 4 4:39
5 Part 5 2:50
6 Part 6 1:42
7 Part 7 4:34
8 Part 8 3:49
9 Part 9 4:35
10 Part 10 2:30
11 Part 11 1:28
12 Part 12 14:19


Michael said...

Hahaha, I still cannot believe that I´m STILL looking forward to each and every Jandek Monday. What a great idea of you !
What great start of the week, too.
Thank you, Johnny !

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, me breaks up the monotony a I might put up a live one, the one where he improvises on piano with a harpist for 80 minutes while the audience chatter all the way through it....Saturday Helsinki I think it is.

icastico said...

Description reminds me of the show I saw here in Seattle on his, I think, first tour. Jandek with a bunch of free jazz musicians was not what I was expecting. But I was expecting it not to be what I expected, so there's that.

Ian said...

Wow, how very un-Jandek-ish indeed. Awesome. Hearty thanks as always.

Charles T. Draper said...

Thank you for posting. I will see the representative on July 22 in Queens.
I look forward to your future blogs.