Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Alternative TV - "The Industrial Sessions 1977" - (Overground Records OVER49CD) 1996

A criminally out of print,and rare, compact disc of the sessions an early version of Alternative TV did with the chaps from Throbbing Gristle HQ. I say compact disc but it sounds like its a cassette tape, which is ok by me. The tunes archived within the binary codes of this disc are rudimentary to say the least,and make the Door and The Window sound like Rick Wakeman's Yes.(a slight exaggeration,and not the insult that it usually is). There are also a few numbers that never made it beyond some early ATV performances, like "British Kids" and "Never Saw The Blitzkrieg".
Also intriguing is how crap was this recording at TG's Death Factory was! Oversaw by Chris Carter and Genesis,was this really the same 8-track recorder that recorded "The Bridge" by Rental and Leer,and "20 Jazz Funk Greats"?...or is it the Revox that did 2nd Annual report,which is more likely.......but it sounds so tinny compared to that magnum opus! Who cares anyway,this is how a DIY punk band should sound, like a field recording of some barely formed wild animals, as they crawl from their lair. Great Stuff.

Track Listing:

1 Love Lies Limp
2 Love Lies Limp (2)
3 "...Fuck Up..."
4 British Kids
5 "...Is She Awake Yet?"
6 Industrial Porridge
7 Life
8 Life (2)
9 Life (3)
10 Life (4)
11 Tremble The Dog
12 "...I Was Hitting Him, Like..."
13 "...A Lot Of Gaps On This Tape..."
14 Alternatives To NATO
15 More Porridge
16 Guardian, Times And Observer
17 East Acton Action
18 Never Saw The Blitzkrieg
19 Street Fighter
20 British Kids (2)
21 Love Lies Limp (3)
22 Ten Commandments
23 Street Fighter (2)
24 Still Life

Mark Perry - Vocals, Drums
Alex Fergusson - Guitar
Genesis P-Orridge - Drums, Bass

Recorded at Industrial Studios by Genesis P-Orridge &
Chris Carter in April 1977

except track 24 recorded live at the Rat Club, London in September 1977



Philip Johnson said...

Second Annual Report was actually recorded on cassette - at least, Genesis P-Orridge told me so in 1979.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well if Gen said so; so be it.
I suppose i should have posted that as well? especially if its a cassette recording pressed to vinyl.

Pisŧöff said...

Another fine share. Thanks Jonny.

G-Drive works fine BTW


zushiomaru said...

any chance of a reup on mega plz ??

thanx in advance, love these rare tg/gpo stuff..

Jonny Zchivago said...

whats wrong with google drive, it works fine.