Friday, 18 April 2014

The Mentally ill - " Gacy's Place 7" " (Autistic Records 1979) + "The Undiscovered Corpses " Lp

Depraved!?...I hear the ghost of Rough Trade screaming!, don't be afraid of confronting your own discomforts. Hearing The Mentally ill vomit up phrases like " They're F##king your kids" with the glee of a closet paedophile does not make an intelligent person wanna go out and do an Ian Brady.
Instead enjoy flirting with the taboo , and worry about the Paedo-mania that has destroyed genuine man/child relations. And beware the ones who doth protest too much, for they be the ones you should keep away from your the thick scumbags who beat seven shades of shit out of a Paediatrician because they either couldn't spell(like me?),or were too stupid.(real event).
As for the record,its an excellently offensive slice,not slab, of chainsaw guitared buzzy fuzzy schlock punk from Chicago; probably recorded in a coal bunker somewhere that has been long demolished. Sample the joy below:
1.Gacys Place Mp3
2.Padded Cell Mp3
3.Tumor Boy Mp3
You'll be pleased to know that the whole of this session has now been uncovered and released on a CD; plus everything else they recorded:

THE MENTALLY ILL - Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses

Starbeat Sessions
01_Gacy's Place 1:28
02_Tumor Boy 1:34
03_Doggie Sex 2:00
04_Not Quite Dead Yet 1:46
05_Padded Cell 1:54
06_Split Crotch Straight Jacket 1:14
07_ All Mixed Up 1:44
08_Stalag Thirteen 1:54

Basement Sessions
09_Ballad of the Mentally Ill 2:26
10_Dry Heave 2:36
11_Tumor Boy 2:46
12_Bathroom Gaze 1:17
13_Cum Twat 2:52
14_Smelly Boys 2:35

Crawlspace Sessions
15_Gacy's Place 2:09
16_I Don't Need (You're Shit) 2:57
17_Aryan Rock 1:15
18_All Mixed Up 2:16
19_Stalag Thirteen 2:23
20_Split Crotch Straight Jacket 1:49

Download this Classic Insanity Here!


Stu said...

Don't mind if I do. This'll drive the wife fucking nuts. Never mind the lawyers, she'll come looking for you soon.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wives! They drive us men nuts with their "only one correct way of doing things" approach; ie behave like women or you are wrong! It is only right and proper that we make them listen to the Sun City Girls to make them understand the male species a little bit more?
My significant other used to pretend to like this music when we were courting, then soon after snaring her prey, complained the moment anything not in the charts hit my speakers.
this ,to me, seems dishonest?
Lawyers can't trace me, and nor will your wife! I hope!

Gaviotas Blindadas said...

It's great!
Thanks for this, from argentina!