Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Deep Freeze Mice - " Teenage Head In The Refrigerator" (Mole Embalming Records MOLE 2) 1981

Another ever so crazily titled 2nd album from Leicester's own ,Deep Freeze Mice. Oh these guys crack me up!
This one I actually bought at the time,and i think I played it only once in maybe thirty years!
So,I have dug it out and re-listened to it three times to see if my ears have become attuned to it's irritating studentia feel.But, I did enjoy the amusing Rock Family Tree insert, which links the DFM to all of Rock'n'Rolls royalty.Erm....very clever.
I can now safely say that I never want to listen to it again! In thirty years time I will be dead anyway, but if there's a God (which there almost certainly is NOT!), don't send me to a hell where they play non-stop Clever-Clever Indie like this for aaaaaaalllllll eternity!!!!!!! can't kill yourself in the after-life......unless there's an after-after life(which almost certainly there is NOT!)


I Like Digestive Biscuits In My Coffee 3:52
Dr. Z 3:39
The Letter Song (Scrib) 3:18
My Geraniums Are Bulletproof 4:13
Peter Smith Is A Banana 2:05
Hegel's Brain 0:55
Esther 3:29
Vera 5:51
God 3:28
Path To You 6:02
Dictatorship Of The Proletariat 2:13
Teenage Head (In My Refrigerator) 3:38

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