Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Meisterwerk ‎– "Meisterwerk" (Das Cassetten Combinat ‎– OUT 81028) 1981

This is a collaboration between Das Cassetten Combinat labelmates Borsig Werke, Aus Lauter Liebe, and Sprung Aus Den Wolken.
Experimental minimal wave German Post-Punk Funk melange,by the West Berlin post punk underground glitterati (breath in). Quite interesting meeting of many diverse influences, rather like the Allies meeting the Soviets on the banks of the Elbe? (sorry, I had to get a WW2 reference in, but its sadly relevant to emphasise to isolation of West Berlin,leading to anything goes stuff like this.)


A1 Akcam La
A2 Que Pas
A3 Noch Lange Nicht
A4 Längst Fällig
B1 Aber Hallo
B2 Urlaub Für Ganz Berlin
B3 Gong A Minute

B4 Akcam La(demo)

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