Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The The Good Missionaries ‎– "Vibing Up The Senile World...... (Unnormality Records NORM001) 1980

Basically, there is no better group than The Good Missionaries.There are no truer punks than The Good Missionaries, and thirdly, there is no better group than the Good Missionaries......do I make myself clear?

Its not everyone’s cup of tea; comments like, "They can't play their instruments"(said in a girly voice), or "They don't have any songs"(said in an even girlier voice) for example, are common place amongst the brainwashed throng that calls itself the record buying public. This is 'Free' music, in the tradition of Albert Ayler and ESP records. This is true 'Punk' spirit. Something that was not recognised by the mohican army of 1980, who couldn't understand why ATV don't play "Action,Time and Vision" anymore. This fact made them violent towards said group, due to their small world being challenged when all they wanted to do was pogo to some rock toon.

"Vibing up the Senile Man" album, is probably joint first place 'Attitude' record alongside 'Pil's "First Issue" and Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music". Listen to these records kids to learn how to do it......not shit like Nir(yaaawwwwn)vana and their Rock Bore relations(snooze).

(Useless info: Recorded live on the infamous Animal Instincts Tour 1979.)
Track Listing:
The Good Missionary - Part 1

The Good Missionary - Part 2

Kif Kif's Free Freak Out

Download This Senile World Here!


bill said...

That's surely choreographer Martha Graham on the label there. High culture or what?! Is there a story there somewhere?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Bill, i am impressed at your dancing knowledge! Is there anything else you want to admit to?
I assume that it was just a random picture chosen for the label?
If anyone knows better, feel free to furnish us with your light.