Saturday, 5 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Der Siebenköpfige Informator" (Eisengrau ‎– Rip Off) 1981

Die Tödliche Doris display their Industrial side on this early cassette recorded between 1979-81. There are even hints of Whitehouse in the Nuremberg rally style rants fed through a cheap vibrato guitar effects pedal. Backed up by Käthe Kruse's rudimentary drumming, and some equally rudimentary Bass playing, and you got something pretty strange and unsettling. DIY performance-art rock at its finest.
Whoops! Did I see Heinrich Himmler and a couple of other famous Germans  collaged up on the insert? Very naughty!?


A1 Der Siebenköpfige Informator (-Vor Dem Krieg)
A2 Nahrung Für Den Hungernden Informator
B 1.Regel:Wir Halten Kritisch Unsere Eindrücke Fest

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