Saturday, 12 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Sechs" (Ata Tak ‎– WR 35) 1986

Just a quick catch up on the story so far:
This is the second part of "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP". The first part is the LP "Unser Debut". Both LPs have all tracks the same length and were recorded at the same time. If you play both records at the same time you will hear "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" ("The 9. Invisible LP").

So now you can make your own Invisible LP, yes?
This actually sounds like half an LP,whereas "Unser Debut" didn't? Did it?
Like one of those sample CD's that we bought to lazily make our Drum'N'Bass records in the nineties. Very sparse and minimal, filled with short bursts of funny noises.
Ooooo those zany Germans?

You can download a version of "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" below if you can't be bothered to make your own.


A1 Windstille
A2 Grünland In Der Grenzschlade
A3 Eine Frau Zur Selben Zeit An Einem Anderen Ort
A4 Wir Begrüßen Den Neuen Tag
A5 Beim Rechtsanwalt a) Zopf
B1 Not True !
B2 Ortsgespräch 1986
B3 Im Tief
B4 Finale Der Plattenseite B


DOWNLOAD a version of  Die 9. Unsichtbare LP HERE!

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