Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mark Perry ‎– "Whole World's Down On Me / I Live - He Dies" (Deptford Fun City ‎– DFC 12) 1980

Everybody from 1977 to 82 did it, so why not Mark P?
That's correct, White boy punky reggae makes an appearance in the Alternative TV camp. Its a pretty honest attempt , and at least there's no mention of 'Jah', or mastering of those loose Jamaican rhythms like The Clash or The Ruts. It retains that essential naïveté that sets Mark Perry's projects apart from those awful musician types.I love the way the beat count wavers like a stretched tape,almost losing syncopation with the superb non-reggae reggae drumming of Mr Bendle.Someone should have played this to the Police to teach these fake-punkers how to do White Boy Reggae properly (although that means Gordon and the boys wouldn't have had any hits.......Oh what a wonderful dream?)
The B-side, however is quite splendid, classic Perry-esque poetry set to a classic "Vibing up the Senile Man" ,free for all, improvised backing.Excellent scraping violin provided by Anno (Androids of Mu, and Here and Now), and great falling apart drums from the one and only Bendle (Door and the Window).
All recorded at the Abbey Road of DIY, Street Level, under the auspices of the George Martin of DIY, Grant Showbiz.


A Whole World's Down On Me
B I Live - He Dies

DOWNLOAD and the whole world will go down on you HERE!

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