Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Reflections - "4 Countries" (Cherry Red CHERRY33) 1981

Another peerless Mark Perry related release, this time accompanied by Nag(The Door and the Window), Karl Blake (Lemon Kittens),as well as Dennis Burns(The Good missionaries),and Paul Platypus(Doof).
Not quite up to the standard of The Reflections LP, "Slugs and Toads", but still high on quality anti-rock non-musicianship of the highest standard.
Of note,it is nice to see uber-weirdo Karl Blake try his considerable skills in crafting an alternative dimension pop tune with the genius's of the genre/non-genre, nag and Perry.

Track Listing:
4 Countries

The Coroner And The Inquest

Download Four Countries HERE!

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zuiop said...

Thanks for this! Any chance to get the Searching 7"?