Friday, 4 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Das Typische Ding" (Das Cassetten Combinat ‎– 81019) 1981

I was trying to think of some music that was equally as genuinely "W.E.I.R.D." as The Lemon Kittens and Karl Blake.
Basically, the only members on this list were The Early Residents, Beefheart's Trout Mask era (Too Popular these days?),Sun Ra,maybe Coil(?), and....ahh!.... Die Tödliche Doris!
This stuff easily passes the famous Clearing the Pub test, hitherto known as "Wyatting".(The verb "Wyatting" appeared in some blogs and music magazines to describe the practice of playing unusual tracks on a pub jukebox to annoy the other pub goers;obviously inspired by the solo work of Robert Wyatt.)
Karl Blake may have mastered the odd logic of dreams, but The Deadly Doris (Englische version), have mastered the illogic of a very creepy dream experienced under the influence of half a litre of out of date "Night Nurse".
Full of everything you need; desperate screamed German! Scraping violin strings! Incompetant childlike drumming! And no recognisable reference to modern pop culture.
This music is like a Primal Scream from a long forgotten prison cell; which I suppose West Berlin was a large version of when these nutters were active.
Unhinged genius!


A1 Die Schuldstruktur
A2 Kavaliere
A3 Stümmel Mir
B1 Ein Schwarzes Kleid Und Ein Ei
B2 Der Tod Ist Ein Skandal
B3 Du Armes Ding

DOWNLOAD in der Regel tödliche Doris HIER!


Tayo said...

Good to hear Turd Licker Doris again.

Weren't they on 'The Tube' way back when? Seem to recall J**ls H*ll*nd hosting a special from Berlin.

Anonymous said...


Jonny Zchivago said...

yes, apparently they were on 'the tube', sandwiched between paul young, and some other hideous shit like propaganda or sumthin even worse. A terrible show, only beaten by J##ls H#ll#nd's smug off show that still invades our homes today.
Can't believe that dick was in the audience for the opening night of the Roxy!?

ROOKSBY said...

Doris appeared on The Tube's Berlin special, hosted by Muriel Grey & Mark Reeder, with E.N. & Malaria! plus long/best-forgotten post-punkers like Die Toten Hosen. Sadly it's not on Youtube (unless I'm looking in the wrong place) but I seem to remember it was pretty good... & entirely Jools/Paula-free you'll be pleased to hear. :)

Avant-Garble said...

Ha. This is it. Maybe I'll record it over the preacher tape to make things right. Thanks.