Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Deep Freeze Mice - " The Gates Of Lunch" (Mole Embalming Records MOLE 3) 1982

More clever titles, splendid artwork, and indie psych from The Deep Freeze Mice.This time its their third lp, on their own Mole Embalming Records, "The Gates Of Lunch".
Nothing more to say, you know what I think of DFM if you bothered to read my review of the first two DFM records preceding this.
It's not that bad I suppose.


A Red Light For The Greens
You MIght Need Me And This Winchester Curly 0:59
A Ten Legged Beast (Or An Eight Legged Beast With Feelers) 2:04
Fishing 1:17
I Lay A Green Egg. It Explodes On Tuesday 2:27
Bottles 3:36
The Gates Of Lunch 1:05
Bottled Reprise 0:36
Brain Dead Baby 4:36
Godzilla Loves Me. I'm An Ashtray 22:59

DOWNLOAD the gates of lunch HERE!

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