Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Deep Freeze Mice - " The Gates Of Lunch" (Mole Embalming Records MOLE 3) 1982

More clever titles, splendid artwork, and indie psych from The Deep Freeze Mice.This time its their third lp, on their own Mole Embalming Records, "The Gates Of Lunch".

Nothing more to say, you know what I think of DFM if you bothered to read my review of the first two DFM records preceding this.

It's not that bad I suppose.


A Red Light For The Greens 4:05
You MIght Need Me And This Winchester Curly 0:59
A Ten Legged Beast (Or An Eight Legged Beast With Feelers) 2:04
Fishing 1:17
I Lay A Green Egg. It Explodes On Tuesday 2:27
Bottles 3:36
The Gates Of Lunch 1:05
Bottled Reprise 0:36
Brain Dead Baby 4:36
Godzilla Loves Me. I'm An Ashtray 22:59

DOWNLOAD the gates of lunch HERE!

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Jonny Zchivago said...

15 APRIL 2012 22:09 Benb Gallaher said... One of my all-time favorite records. Goodness gracious. Thank you so very much for making this record better known. It's full-stop delight to see images of it's original packaging, which was a first for me. An interesting aspect of it is tnat it's quite accessible in spite of itself. I've had it on CD for nearly twenty years, and every person for whom I've ever played it has been absolutely mesmerized. And, in a record replete with magnificently scrambled aphorisms, there's this stunning lyric: 'It's not necessary to see / Only the despair and the horror / Oysters know what they're doing when they make those pearls, that's one solution / Smiling and singing, I lay a green egg. It explodes on Tuesday.' So, thank you. I've never commented here before, but that's because I'm a lower primate and am only now learning how. But what you do with this blog is most appreciated. Kind Regards, Benb Gallaher

16 APRIL 2012 02:57 Nick Allison said... Hi Benb, I never knew the Deep Freeze Mice were so well loved out there! I'm regreting saying that they irritated the f**k out of me now! (i reckon it's the singing that does it to me!) But, I do like a good package,and that's what they delivered. They are officially in the top ten bands from Leicester,U.K.. Feel free to spread the love. Nick

16 APRIL 2012 11:44 Benb Gallaher said... Nick, Thanks for writing. It IS the f**king singing. Wow. I have had to take multi-year recesses from DFM at times, although I do love their music dearly. If he didn't sound like he was faking a cold as a petulant, know-it-all, bespectacled brat, it'd be much more bearable. I enjoy the vocals of (the name eludes my recall) Sherree Lawrence much more. Thanks for responding. Be well. All Best, Benb

16 APRIL 2012 12:20 Nick Allison said... Couldn't have put it better myself. I've not listened to DFm for nearly thirty years (had to reacquaint myself for these posts),so quite a recess, and his voice still annoys. Maybe it's my problem, 'cus I should enjoy these albums. It's a funny old world innit?

16 APRIL 2012 12:42 Jim D. Pie said... Hello Nick, Sorry about the f**king singing. I can't stand it either although I think I got a little better on the later albums. Excellent blog - and thanks for including our albums even though you don't like them. Alan Jenkins.