Thursday, 24 April 2014

Volcano The Bear ‎– "Classic Erasmus Fusion" (Beta-lactam Ring Records ‎– mt092a) 2006

More Outsider avant garde folk hybridisms from Volcano the Bear's insiders from without,who used to be into Grunge when I first met 'em! Well they weren’t when they made this double CD, after consuming the experimental bowels of Leicesters european prog peddlers in the Ultima Thule platterie  en face de la gare du Leicester. Throughly digesting the minutia and regurgitating it as this wacky eclectic mishmash of aural tomfoolery. If "Inhazer Decline" was their 'Revolver', this was their 'White Album'.
Like most double albums, it could have made a fantastic EP.


1-1 Classic Erasmus Fusion
1-2 Did You Ever Feel Like Jesus?
1-3 The Merry Potter
1-4 Ong Paté
1-5 Russian Milk
1-6 Baroque Sensation
1-7 Sharp As The Queens Teeth
1-8 Hey Judo
1-9 Baltic Minor
1-10 Lifetime
1-11 Classic Autumn Fusion
2-1 Hail The New Mephisto
2-2 The Last Song Of Norway
2-3 Shadowfishing
2-4 My Favourite Tongues
2-5 Erasmus, The Queens Dentist
2-6 See Me Now

DOWNLOAD 17 erasmus fusion classics HERE!

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