Monday, 28 April 2014

Sun City Girls - "Tibetian Jazz 666" (Cloaven Cassettes 17) 1988

As someone who knows a lot of tibetian buddhists( who are largely descent chaps), and their counterparts, the dysfunctional western bourgeois buddists, looking for an answer for their meaningless existence, and mental problems/ addictions; I can recommend this C-60 as an accurate portrayal of the sound of a western buddists mind, before and after indoctrination in the 'cult' environment of the modern Buddist temple. Lost souls with lost bank accounts, buying a stairway to Nirvana.Willing to sell their children in the race to see who gets there first! I have never met such a bunch of morally bankrupt hypocrites in my sad little existence.(exhale!)
As for the music, it has obvious Jazz elements, from the awful 50's muzaky jazz trio merged with a slice of Ornette Coleman, to complete Free Jazz abandon, but with guitars and Drums.Nobody sounds like this! Arrogance is a virtue and patience is a curfew... listen to it as loud as possible and then you shall agree. Nobody has or ever will sound like this!
Side A recorded 4-9-88. First four cuts from Side B recorded Mar. 27, 1988; last two cuts recorded Jan. 16, 1987.
Side A:
  1. El Mahdi
Side B:
  1. A Thrones Stow
  2. (sic) six sicks
  3. Cocktail Jesuit
  4. Duke of Alcohol
  5. Dirty Old Cec
  6. Imperial Handgun
DOWNLOAD some Tibetian Jazz HERE!


Bruce the Moose said...

Just starting to work my way though your pile of SCG, so I don't have the big picture down.

That said, this one strikes me as being like a very good James "Blood" Ulmer album.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Do You have any particular JBU album in mind?

Bruce the Moose said...

I was listening to the album at work, sometimes paying close attention and sometimes not. Anyway, parts of the guitar playing struck me as having JBU like tonality and phrasing (no specific JBU album). Upon doing a quick relistening of parts, I find that I unjustifiably extended that appraisal to the album as a whole - Much of the guitar play does not have the JBU sound. And I personally hear no Tibetan connection whatsoever (but for me, that would require the monk chanting).

Anyway (again), I'm working my way thought your SCG offerings and finding some quirks in the downloads (eg. One download being incomplete, but the rest of it showing up at another album DL, instead of what should have been there). It's curious that no one else seems to have commented on this, so I wonder if I somehow messed things up.

I will get back to you about this, after I complete processing all that SCG. Regardless, damn interesting stuff.

And thanks for the many other offerings. I tend not to post comments much, especially since I end up doing the listening at a location without an internet connection.

Jonny Zchivago said...

hello Bruce,
the quirks in the downloads probably came about during the time i had to re-up the whole blog after google had it deleted.So your processing of the downloads is most valuable.
I wouldn't put too much literal emphasis on any SCG title, as words are used as randomly as most of the notes.
Finally,I have a few new SCG cassettes to post in the near future so look out for 'em.They can be quite addictive once you have tunrd in.